The Suburban Road Trip!

Finally getting down to the Inland Empire to pick up my Squarebody Suburban. Been planning, scheming and dreaming for about a year now and super stoked to be able to bring her home and start the restoration process.

I have big plans for this little lady but I am still not settled on exact specifications yet. I know I want bulletproof reliability, simplicity, power, “economy”, range and durability. You know the basic stuff…. At this point my objective is to get her road worthy, safe and reliable with a minimum of $$

With the condition of this particular Burb, that shouldn’t be an issue. It is an understatement to say this is a clean Suburban but there are a few things that I need to button up. The steering needs a little refresh, the AC needs work, the lighting is a little sub par, and the suspension is DANGEROUS!

Over the next few months I plan on swapping the linked frame I built under the #K30BLAZER so having a truck to run the family around in, haul parts if needed and act as a daily when I need to move the tribe around.

This was a fun trip. Met some cool new people, saw some awesome trucks and spent some time with my youngest. Thanks to the hospitality of those who let me just show up and stick a camera in their face! I hope you guys enjoyed the video! There is a ton more to come.