I can see again!

While there is a ton to respect and admire about the Suburban and the squarebodies in general there are some areas where improvements and upgrades are a win win.

When I picked up this Suburban it came with a new dash pad to replace the old, cracked and dry rotted one that had put up a good fight against thirty years of sun and heat.

Never content to leave good enough alone, when I pulled up the dash and saw the old tiny dash speakers blinking up at me I knew that an upgrade was in order. A quick visit to Amazon for the right size speakers and I had new 3 1/2” speakers in both corners along with a 4x10 in the center dash and two 4x10’s in the rear. To say the radio sounds better would be an understatement.

The replacement was a ten minute affair made all the easier by these cool little adapters I found to splice into the factory harness. Now, I have no issue with soldering and wiring, but the plug and play for a couple of bucks was a no brainer.

But I wasn’t done there. Sitting in the driver seat staring at the dash I had pulled apart I realized that I needed to address the dim incandescent bulbs that attempted to illuminate the dash. After rooting around in my electrical draw of many things, I came up with a handful of these tiny little LED bulbs After popping in a few I tested it out and realized that I needed to do all of my lights. Another quick trip to Amazon turned up all these.