The Home Garage Tour Special!

Mancave, car barn, junk room, storage. The garage can and is used for many different purposes, but for me, my garage has always been a haven, a refuge, a place I can go to figure things out, fix things, unwind and process.

I am still working on my dream garage design and set up, but for now what I have seems to be working well for me.

While space is a premium, and there are always more tools to buy, I have worked hard to refine my shop space into a flow that makes work easy, enjoyable and fun. I have spent a lot of time planning, organizing and figuring out how to get the most use out of the space I have and I get to share some of that with you guys in this video.

The garage is a constantly evolving platform. What works for one project, may not work well for another project and to promote fluidity and space management I have mounted as much of my tool benches, carts, and storage on casters. With the option of moving things around the floor of my shop has enabled me to adjust the space to work with the project at hand, and not the other way around.

It takes a detailed approach to cleanliness and organization to keep things flowing well, keep the floors clean, and keep tools where they are supposed to go, but the result is something that speeds up my productivity, decreases time spent searching for stuff, and improves the overall experience of time spent working away in the garage.

I haven’t always had access to a garage and there were many years where I was relegated to working in a parking lot or in the case of my build, doing a one ton axle swap in a dirt strip next to the street by my house!

In the case of the axle swap, keeping all my tools carefully organized and compartmented allowed me to quickly and easily set up and tear down each day for the project. That same mentality of setting up and tearing down each day carried over to having a garage and has served me well. It may add time at the beginning and end of the day, but the result of the detail is an increase in the efficiency of how I work.

Tell me about your space, what works for you? What tool can’t you live without?