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It began with a simple enough idea, to build something that was at the same time safe, unique, dependable and highly capable.
A leatherman in a toolbox of shovels.  

Turns out that was just the beginning...


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Welcome to Merricks Garage!  Glad you are here.  I suspect you are here as I was a few years ago with a plan to bring your ideas into reality.  


 Photography courtesy of James Merrick.



You shall not pass




Merricks Garage began with a need.  A need for detailed and accurate information on how a self taught garage fabricator can develop and build what is needed for the adventures at hand

Born in England, and now living happily on the Central Coast of California, James Merrick has always had a mind for the creative.  Beginning in his parents garage taking apart various appliances, vehicles and whatever else mechanical he could get his hands on, he now spends his free time dreaming up modifications, builds, products, and answers to questions no one has asked.

Armed with a attitude of what is the worse that can happen, James often stumbles upon a solution the hard way, trial and error.  Lots of error.  Setting his mind to making his plans come to life, James has been documenting, recording, editing and publishing his mechanical, travel and lifestyle adventures one video at a time.  With no professional training or background, but a keen desire to not only tackle projects that intimidate him, but share the exploits with like minded individuals.

There have been many setbacks and mistakes over the years, but each lesson learned has paved the way to more ambitious and fulfilling adventures and projects.  He may not know what he is doing, but he is going to figure it out eventually.


every failure is a who cares, keep going!


Social media may paint a picture of instant success, but if you want to know the real story, dig deeper.