Squarebody fuel tank access panel

If you own a blazer or suburban square you have likely replaced your sending unit or fuel pump at one time. If you haven’t, well just wait. For those in the know, this easy project takes on a new meaning when you realize the need to drop the tank to access the top of the tank where the sending unit and pump live.

Disconnect all the lines, drain the tank, drop the skid plate, drop the tank and get to work. I have done this job quite a few times and a few years back I decided to just cut a hole in my floor to give me access without dropping the tank.

It was a great modification as I went through some pump issues when swapping the LQ9 into the K30Blazer and found myself replacing pumps one after another.

The hole in the floor was temporary or so I thought. My plan was to patch it up using stock sheetmetal and a hinge of some sort, but duct tape was the solution for a couple of years.

Fast forward to buttoning up my rear links and frame install and I decided the hole in the floor needed to be fixed. Plenty of time cruising West Marine for electrical supplies had raised my interest on all marine grade equipment and then I noticed how practical a storage hatch would be to seal up the hole.

I purchased a hatch that gave me the dimensions I needed for access and sealed off the pump and tank from the interior of the truck. Install was a breeze and the finished product looks awesome.

Being able to wire, connect and plumb the tank from inside is great, and reduces the work in replacing a pump and / or sending unit.

I have linked to my amazon store below that will give you the parts I used during my install. If you are doing the work, also not a bad idea to replace your pump and sending unit with new ones, and keep your old pump as a backup.

James MerrickComment