The first plan had been to get up to the Mammoth area for some higher elevations and lower temperatures, but the fire season was upon us early this year and much of the Eastern Sierras were very smoky, and not a good place for camping.

A quick call to a friend of mine living up in Mammoth with extensive knowledge of all the good stuff up and down the sierras, had us heading up into the Sequoias.

We spent a week in the area up above Kernville, exploring, hiking, mountain biking and four wheeling.  Blue skies, cold nights, starry skies and no cell or wifi were welcomed by the entire family.

From natural water slides, to great mountain biking trails, and everything in between we had a great trip just spending time together, cooking with no stove, and fitting in as much activity as we could in the time we were up there.

If you are looking for parts and supplies used in the episode that aren't in my Amazon Store let me know!

Here is the ammo can power video I created when I put the ammo can together:

Ammo Can Surprise

The Store Link for all the cool gear, batteries etc that I used:

 Amazon Store of Solar Shopping